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Most of this work was created as the "Bodies in Motion" series which includes ten hands paintings, three cut out/shaped pieces, and the "Bodies in Motion Triptych" (the title piece for the series).

Inspired by the Futurist painters, who were concerned with depicting motion across a two dimensional surface (Duchamp's "Nude Descending Stair Case" is often cited as an example of Futurist work), these pieces were created as one body of work. Upon using the Futurist concept as a jumping off point the direction of the work is developed much the same way that a choreographer or dancer uses the human form to express through dance. Here, the human form, in a different kind of motion, is used as a vehicle for expression. Its a kind of dance on paper. Often the figures are gender neutral to address the issue of universal emotion. Human emotion. This series is a portrait of the dynamic that occurred between two people in a specific relationship.

Also shown here are "Egyptian Cat", "Self Portrait", "Figure in tub". These were included as samples of work to show diversity of medium and variety of expression.